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Verizon Tops AT&T, Cablecos in Internet Customer Service

The design can impede adjacent USB slots, but AT&T includes an adapter and extension cable that’s useful for laptops with cramped ports. The back cover easily slides off to reveal the SIM card slot and the microSD card slota useful add-on, especially if you frequently use microSD cards with your smartphone or tablet.
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AT&T Offers A 5.25% Dividend Yield And Consistent Share Buybacks

AT&T was a distant second with 689. Cox was also above the region’s average of 674, scoring 687 points. Below the average line were XFINITY (Comcast) in third place, followed in order by CenturyLink, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications and Mediacom Communications (which earned the lowest score in any region 600 points).
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AT&T’s European Expansion Seen as Perilous Growth Strategy

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This will always be important for certain people whose home construction or topography makes network coverage difficult, an AT&T spokesman told The device is being offered for a one-time fee of $150; you activate it through AT&T with some self-install instructions (which include placing it near a window so it can pick up a GPS signal).
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With AT&T Femtocell, Your Coverage Troubles Could Be Over

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network and apply it to Europe, where the adoption of speedier services promises to bring a surge of data use, said people familiar with the companys thinking, who asked not to be identified because the plans are confidential. While the carrier has declined to comment on the idea, AT&T Chief Executive Officer Randall Stephenson outlined the pros and cons of a European expansion at a conference this week.
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Android crowned king at AT&T

2 wireless carrier looks for more efficient ways to make a profit in the competitive wireless business. During the company’s second-quarter conference call Tuesday, Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s head of wireless, said Google Android devices had accounted for the largest percentage of the 6.8 million smartphones sold on the carrier’s network during the quarter, beating out the popular iPhone.
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AT&T and T-Mobile make smartphone upgrades more affordable

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Although AT&T Wireless lost 414K reseller customers during the quarter versus net reseller customer additions of 472K in Q2 2012, its reseller revenues increased by 30% year-over-year. This was because reseller subscriber losses were primarily concentrated in low-margin accounts. A positive note for AT&T Wireless was that it added 484K connected devices customers during the quarter versus 382K added in Q2 2012 even though Sprint ( S ) now sells the iPad . That was a positive surprise since I had concerns that Sprint selling the iPad would serve as a headwind to growth for AT&T Wireless’s connected devices product channel. This helped AT&T Wireless grow its connected devices customer base by 11% from 13.7M as of H1 2012 to 15.2M in H1 2013.
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For an extra $7 a month, customers can add insurance, which covers against damage when it’s time to trade that phone in. Unlike AT&T’s standard plans that require customers to pay $200 up front for a top-of-the-line smartphone, AT&T Next doesn’t make customers to put any money down. Next would save an AT&T customer who wanted a new iPhone every year $106 over the course of two years. David Christopher, AT&T’s marketing chief, told CNNMoney that the company was excited about the new pricing option, but he was unsure whether it would prove to be more popular with customers than the traditional subsidy model.
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